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The Problems We Solve

No centralized analytics platform exists in the Crypto market allowing to make SMART and real-time decisions.
Scattered market data makes it difficult and time-consuming for traders to capitalize on market opportunities.
There is not trustful, well know and diversified index that can accurately provide comprehensive, real-time metrics of the Crypto market.

What We Do

We provide SMART professional trading tools for the Crypto market.
The mission at MOONBLOCK is to be the premier information hub for the Cryptocurrency market. We gather, process and display top accurate market information with the most intelligent approach.

Our tools

Trade smart, improve your performance.

MB30 Index

The market capitalization-weighted index that effectively follows the top 30 Cryptocurrencies, representing more than 90% of the market.

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Trading Panel, Charts & Indicators

We gather data from several exchanges and put all at your fingertips. Just select the exchange and the pair of Cryptocurrencies. Use 70+ technical indicators on a customizable dashboard. You can set personalized parameters and customized market performance notifications. Trade directly from our platform via your preferred exchange.

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PROTEOS Pattern Detector

Using our machine learning algorithms, you can identify patterns being formed before it's too late. Just select the Cryptocurrency pair and get notified once a pattern (like head and shoulders, channels, triangles, wedges and more) is beginning to be formed.

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Social Listening

We extract essential metrics out of social networks to let you know the momentum of popular opinion of the Crypto market and put you one step ahead. See those metrics also appear in candlestick charts with other financial indicators, allowing you to analyze social trends like never before.

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Top News Aggregator

All the essential news from relevant influencers, twitter accounts, news services, blogs, reddit and more in one single awesome and intuitive place. Filter by category, Cryptocurrency and more, all in real time.

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TITAN Portfolio Selector

Using optimization and artificial intelligence algorithms, we display the best portfolio constituents according to your preset profile preferences and the Crypto market conditions. Train and customize sophisticated algorithms that will help you build the most profitable portfolio in the Cryptocurrency market.

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Market Scanners

Find the pairs that better fit your strategy in seconds. Sort by price, volume, relative volume, price change, social activity, industry, ranges and more. Create your filters and scanners.

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MOONBLOCK Propietary Indicators

Go beyond traditional indicators, discover the power of artificial intelligence. Crypto market measures made different.

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